Greetings and welcome to Music Solidarity

Our association recycles all music equipment (nickel strings, cymbals...) in order to raise funds via a scrap merchant, and finance solidarity actions in varied domains such as music, health or sustainable development...

Additionally, Music Solidarity gathers used musical gear in good condition, thanks to which our association can bring music to those who cannot afford expensive instruments all around the globe.

Do not throw away your strings or cymbals anymore please, We recycle them
All raised funds will usefully serve our shared values



 Congratulations and a big thank you to our partner Guitar, for its 9 kilos last package of strings.

 Last News :

Music Solidarity
 and France Nature Environnement chose to do a special focus on waste and recycling at Eurockéennes Festival!
Beautiful weather, incredible artists live,
 Hubert Felix Thiéfaine partner soon... and, The Cure gave us their strings! Groundation (Reggae from US) also want to support us!

And what about instruments? We have just sent a violin to Palestine, and we are actually repairing guitars for Mali!

A new Drop off Point at Brest (France), and soon in Montréal Canada!

We would like to thank Julian Marley for having listening me during the "Ard'Afrique" Festival in Ardèche (France). We are waiting for you in order to follow our father's line...


 Stores, stringed-instrument makers, partner music schools :

Our association leans on a partners' national network that decided to participate in our united recycling scheme by becoming a harvest point. Think of us by returning them your guitar strings, it is the best way to help us, but it is as well the best way to make sure they will be recycled!

Welcome to our new partner Marceau Guitars near Rennes, for its last package of strings! Lucky Peterson is fond of how he works...

 Studios and partner concert halls :

Covent Garden Studios
 is all dedicated to music activities near Paris at Eragny-sur-Oise. You will find 3 studios, a recording studio...everything you need for your music

La Citrouille, stage for today’s music in Saint-brieuc is a rock school that possesses a recording studio! You can take advantage of a concert a week, prepare your tour and work on the production, but also enjoy cultural exhibitions.

 Partner Festival :

In 2012 Music Solidarity have initiated a premiere at 
a main big festival in France like Les Eurockéennes de Belfort, ...In 2013 we run a booth in order to gather music materials, strings, and moreover in order to explain to everyone why we have to recycle and not waste...We would like to thank festivals like Alter Eco,  Les Rencontres Brel, le Cabaret Frappé, Reggae Sun Ska, Rocktambule, Terre du Son, Nuit de Champagne...Let us free
ourselves from our waste!


 Partner NGOs:

Music Solidarity
will accomplish its first solidarity action through a partnership with the NGO Santé Diabète, specialized in diabetes care in Africa. This partnership will allow a better access to healthcare and insulin to malian children suffering from diabetes, followed within the framework of the programs developed by the NGO.