Irma is a new french singer who is recording with NAS for a album in America soon. In France the album Letter to the Lord is available on iTunes.

 Natty is the bassplayer from Sinsemilia

 Déné Issébéré is the child of Hamadoun Ibrahima Issébéré, one of the premiere poets of Mali, and of Diahara Tangara, a comedienne and teacher. Déné was raised in an artistic environment and has translated this into her own work...Upon her return to Bamako, Déné chose to express herself in song. Her first compositions, fruit of the the multiples influences in her life, led to invitations to participate in several high profile events in Mali. As one of the only composers singing songs not part of the traditional canon, Déné quickly awakens the curiosity of the public.

 Broussaï is a very good french reggae band, click here

 Olivier Gotti is a french bluesman who play with a lapstell...You can see Olivier Live this summer at The Festiblues of Montréal!

 Debout sur le Zinc, click here

White Note play a post/atmospheric-rock and have Radiohead and Sigur Ros as mean influence, click here

 Monsieur Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine is a french artist like no one else, click here


 La Ruelle en Chantier, click here


 Wailing trees, click here

 Groundation, click here


 Jenny in Cage, click here

All in all, live simply, be conscious and be aware...

 Other band :
Rodeo Massacre
The big surf
Léonard Mule, click here
Happy Violence

Mattias Mimoun, pianiste, compositeur
The 4th Revolution, click here
Towerbrown, click here
Grassering, click here
The Dying Seed, click here
Selfish Doll, click here