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Music Solidarity
Grenoble FRANCE

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 A Big up to :

Not in order...To Everyone who have visited our web site, and particularly all musiciens who want to help us! My Loved Family, Guillaume, Irma, Franck, Molive, Stephane and Déné, le grand p'tit Vince, Bart, Natty, Titi le grand Photographe, 'Toine, Rem’s, Marie-Eve and Fred at Music'Action Prod, Olivier Gotti, Stéphanie Gentilhomme, Jean-François Thermoz, Simon Boichot, Christophe Levet, Philippe Revert, GuilhemTarroux, Fritz, Seb Cotton, Mattias Mimoun, Broussaï, Kristel et Tof de Back n' Roll, Bosia Family, Madame la Ministre Geneviève Fioraso, Duncan, Dilan Hookoomsing, le Beube, Denis Leroy, Kem, Toufik, Jean-Marc, Jean-Paul, Marie la brèche, Valérie, Echirolles Town, la Metro, Mick and Brice Partouche, Yvan Puntous Lartigau, Stephane Granvaux, Ju Payan, Gil Corre, Olivier Hébrard, Marion Festraets, Philippe Meirieu, Cédric Suné, Elisabeth Fontes … and all the others…

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