We are dealing with an industrial partner who is able to recycle all your instruments strings!


Avoiding throwing away used strings is a civic gesture which generates energy and natural resources savings (40% of the nickel used comes from New Caledonia, worldwide nickel reserves are estimated at around 60 years at the current rate of extraction). 


  Metals used for making strings :

A string make a note by vibration. A guitar have 6 strings, and a bass 4.

Electric Guitar: Stell, Plated Steel Nickel, Nickel, Steel Inoxidable, Golden Plating, Steel with plastic, Titanium, Cobalt...
Classic Guitar: Steel, Steel with Nylon
Acoustic Guitar: Steel with Bronze, with Silver…
Bass: like Electric guitar
Violin: Pure Bowels with  Copper, Silver, Copper, Steel, Wolfram
Piano: Plated Steel Copper

Most of the strings are made of Plated Steel Nickel, wich is inoxidable. 

Drums cymbals are made of Bronze, from 80% of Copper and 20% of Etain. Music Solidarity can recycle all your old broken cymbals!


 The Example of Nickel from New Caledonia :

Our ways of consumption have too often an impact on earth and sometimes far away from us. Around 30% of the global nickel results from France…and more particularly from New Caledonia, where the mining activity is one of the first cause of the degradation of the New Caledonian forest. The intensive exploitation of the basement has considerably affected the landscape and upset local ecosystems, especially the corals.
Down there and more than in metropolis…the earth is one of foundations of their identity. "In Kanak country, earth doesn’t belong to man, it’s the Kanak man who belongs to earth, which is the foundation of its spiritual, material and cultural existence" (National Council of the rights of the native people of New Caledonia. )

The manufacturing from secondary objects is less expensive than the manufacturing of primary objects from ore. 
Being involved in the recycling program of Music Solidarity is less energy, less pollution, and finally less greenhouse effect .

Recycling a Stell Tonne:
Reduce of 1,78 T  CO2
Economize 1,92 T Iron Ore, 0,63 T of Coal, 11,57 m3 water and 4,46 MWh energy

Recycling a Steel Tonne:
1,4 car

19 trolley


 Sustainable Development:
In 1992 the Rio Summit have signed the "Agenda 21", wich can be resumed as 9 Major Challenges.

Reduce climatic changes
Maintenance of biodiversity
Reduce exclusions
Reduce inequality
The respect of cultural diversity
The promotion of environmental sectors
The promotion of fairtrade
International cooperation
Sustainable development education

While you support us, you will take up most of Major Challenges!