Music Solidarity has created the world's first channel for the recycling of various forms of waste, generated by the practice of music,  our common passion. So far, we collect guitar/bass strings and cymbals in over fifty collection points (music shops, music schools, recording studios, etc...) in France and Europe, so that we can recycle the metals contained in those accessories  (guitar strings are made up of 80% nickel plated steel).

Avoiding throwing away used strings is a civic gesture which generates energy and natural resources savings.

40% of the nickel used comes from New Caledonia, worldwide nickel reserves are estimated at around 60 years at the current rate of extraction.

Be sure that all money earned will be dedicated to solidarity actions for Health, Sustainable Development...

Music Solidarity gathers musical gear :
The NGO gathers instruments and sends it to places where people can’t afford buying instruments (Mali, Cameroun, Madagascar, Haiti...

We work with Sebastien Cotton, our friend and moreover, a real good instrument maker! He use only wood from from France.



Where? With the help of
2 violons Palestine
Artiste contre le mur
50 guitars strings Cameroun
Arbre à Musiques
1 guitar, 50 guitars strings, music books for school...

Région de Tuléar

 Agua de Coco
1 guitar, 50 guitars strings, music books for school...  Mali


If you have an instrument, you should send to us !

Please contact us before !



Where we works

 France :
Solidarity can begin in France also...We have different project, soon... (click here).

 Cameroon :
We works with the help of the Centre Culturel Savanah at Yaoundé, and also with a french NGO from Lyon, Arbre à Musique (click here).

 Mali :
It's the country of Déné Issébéré! We are in contact with Amkoullel and his local association ArtsMatures (Woklo Barka Prod). He now one of the most popular Hip Hop artist in Mali. Maybe one day we will be able to buy some diabet treatments

6€ for one children for one month


 Madagascar :
We works with the help of the NGo Agua de Coco (plus d'infos cliquer ici).

 Haitï :
We works with the help of my old "trombone" and punk singer Stephane Granvaux who have lived a long time there. He's anthropologist and photographer.